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Can Hypnotherapy really help me?

Yes it really can, with over 11 Years experience using hypnotherapy in Glasgow helping people to Stop Smoking and Loose weight with Hypnotherapy, Calm Fears and Release Anxiety with Hypnotherapy, I have used Hypnotherapy to cure Phobias such as Fear of Flying, Fear of Dentists, Fear of Driving tests, basically you name it and I have treated it

Many issues such as Stop Smoking, Fears and Phobias, Blushing etc are single session treatments, more complex issues may require further sessions.

So if you want help, and want to move forward?

Why Wait any longer? Make those Changes Now!

Hypnotherapy & NLP can help you to make the changes you want to make, to free yourself from things holding you back and enjoy your life more. Change your relationship to Food, Get Free from Smoking, release your fears and Phobias once and for all, Fly fearlessly and enjoy your holidays, make better presentations and feel more confident, pass that driving test or exam .

Use the 'Services' tabs above for detailed information on weight loss, smoking, phobias etc

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So if you are still wondering if it would work for me?

The answer is yes! and it often works just when you think nothing will.

Hypnotherapy will free you and create a new chapter in your life.

Please read the 'Hypnotherapy Articles' and 'Testimonials' page for evidence of the power of Hypnotherapy.

Evidence that hypnotherapy works

At last, it's official. Hypnotism really does work - and it has an impact on the brain which can be measured scientifically, according to one of America's leading psychiatrists.

David Spiegel, from Stanford University, told the prestigious American Association for the Advancement of Science that he had scanned the brains of volunteers who were told they were looking at coloured objects when, in fact, they were black and white.

David Spiegel
Stanford University

A scan showing areas of the brain used to register colour highlighted increased blood flow, indicating that the volunteers genuinely 'saw' colours, as they had been told they would.

'This is scientific evidence that something happens in the brain when people are hypnotised that doesn't happen ordinarily,' Mr Spiegel told delegates.

He added that there were 'tremendous medical implications' and envisaged people being able to manage their own pain and anxiety.


After nine years based within Boots Pharmacy 220 Dalmellington Road, I have decided to hold all appointments at 1 Glen Roy Drive, Neilston, where I can cut down a lot of external noise I am committed to offering you the best, most advanced hypnotherapy techniques available, in a setting where you can feel at ease.

1 Glen Roy Drive,
Neilston, G78 3QJ

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What My Clients Say

Scratching Habit

Hey kim just wanted to let u know thats a week gone and not once have I scratched my head:-) I can still feel it itchy but its sooo amazin I dont want to scratch thank u sooo much am delighted a result after 5 yrs of itchin=-O hGo 4 it kim tell everyone:-) honestly cant believe it am listening every day no more horrid expensive shampoos amazin thanks again ill defo b recommending u!! J xx h ave great xmas

Fear of Dentist

Just want to say a massive thank you Kim for helping me get over my phobia of the dentist with hypnotherapy . Until this morning i had not been to the dentists in five years and just the thought of going brought me close to tears but with your help i managed to go for a check up and have booked another appointment next week to have them whitened and hav started the process of getting my horrible front crown replaced in time for my wedding, couldnt have done it without you Kim xx
l McC

Weight Loss

DO IT! If you are considering hypnotherapy to help you with your weight loss, do not hesitate just go ahead and do it. I have tried every diet known over the past 20 years and wish I had found Kim earlier. Kim has helped me immensely and made me feel so at ease from the minute I met her. I am now in control and losing weight slowly and steadily no more yo yoing!! I aslo feel so much more relaxed and good about myself then I have in years.

Thanks again
Carolannn x

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